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10 Key Test powered by Learn2Type.com, the leading Web technology to help you master the skills of ten key and touch typing. Take the FREE Online Ten Key Test to check your speed.
Type the numbers shown, starting from the TOP line going from LEFT to RIGHT. Click the TEST ME! button when finished and your data entry speed will be shown. The numbers shown below have extra spacing between them for readability, do not type spaces between them. Press the ENTER or RETURN key when you see the word ENTER.
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716.48 - 7333.22 ENTER
4572.61 + 9269.6 ENTER
8633.69 - 7241.25 ENTER
6028.01 * 627.67 ENTER
1508.66 - 4625.12 ENTER
7421.49 - 6934.69 ENTER
4553.21 + 4530.26 ENTER
8659.28 - 3306.51 ENTER
1472 / 1406.92 ENTER
2988.43 * 5031.75 ENTER


This site is for Ten key or 10 key test; and ten key or 10 key lessons for fast entry speed on numeral keypad.
Ten key or 10 key is typing numbers on the numeric keypad that is usually on the right side of the keyboard.
Data entry measures speed in KPH or keystrokes per hour, this is different from typing speed that goes in WPM or Words Per Minute.
This skill is essential for secretary or secretarial skills, to get a job or to get promoted at work.
These ten key tests are free for you to use online, there is nothing to download.
Typically a 10-key keypad is on the right side of the letter keys on a full sized keyboard.
Some left handed keyboards may provide the numeric keypad on the left side for convenience.
These ten key tests are also useful to practice using accounting calculators such as used by accountants.

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